What we do

Contracting, education, compliance, profitability: Community and independent pharmacies in a 340B network face a unique set of challenges. That’s why there’s Secure340B – your exclusive resource for optimizing 340B contract arrangements.

Secure340B was founded to help community and independent pharmacies navigate the complexities of the 340B Drug Program and to help Covered Entities understand the ever-changing world of their community pharmacy partners. Our expertise, experience, and passion for independent and community pharmacy brings clarity and transparency to 340B ensuring a program that is a true-win for the business resulting in a sustainable and long-term partnership.

Who we are

Our mission is to provide your organization with the support, tools, industry benchmarks, and additional in-depth expertise to ensure your 340B program realizes maximum profits and achieves exceptional compliance.

Eric Fromhart, Co-Founder

Eric’s entire career has been in the 340B /independent pharmacy space. Having worked for two 340B administrative companies, it goes without saying that Eric understands the 340B Program inside and out. His role as Pharmacy Account Manager found him managing an independent pharmacy network of over 450 individual stores throughout the country. Though a broad customer base, he was asked the same questions from pharmacy owners participating in 340B. To answer these questions, Eric recognized a need for a resource dedicated strictly to Independent Pharmacies in 340B, which is how Secure340B was born.

Amanda Gaddy, RPh, Co-Founder

Amanda has over 22 years of pharmacy business experience. She is a pharmacist with a passion for helping independent, community based pharmacies. Her focus is ensuring pharmacy owners have the tools and resources needed to be successful. Evaluating 340B programs is an area which cannot be overlooked. Some pharmacists receive replenishment orders and pay invoices but really aren’t sure of the impact of the program. Having led the contract pharmacy team for one of the 340B administrators, she has extensive knowledge and can help pharmacy owners not only evaluate but provide direction on how to optimize the program.

Why Secure340B?

A 340B contract can and should be an asset, but, like most in 340B arrangements, you probably have questions:

  • How is the program impacting your pharmacy financially and operationally?
  • Do you have a plan to evaluate the financial viability of the 340B program?
  • Is your contract current and/or relevant?
  • How are DIR fees addressed in your 340B arrangement?
  • What may be slipping through the cracks? Inventory, true-ups, data issues, things that you may not have been aware of?
  • How is 340B affecting wholesaler rebates?
  • Have you experienced inventory swell?

These are questions all parties must address when it comes to the 340B. These are questions Secure340B can answer.

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