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We are 340B Pharmacy Advocates

Most pharmacy owners are overwhelmed and uncertain about 340B. We help pharmacies increase margins, navigate the complexities of the 340B landscape and ensure their programs remain efficient and profitable, so they can continue to serve their communities.
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Strong Partnerships,
Healthy Communities

At Secure340B, we believe nothing is more valuable than the health of a community. We understand that when independent pharmacies and healthcare providers come together, the community is strengthened. Secure340B aligns with these partnerships to facilitate 340B Program membership, ensuring the program runs smoothly, effectively, as it was intended. We invite you to share your goals for bettering your community with us. Together we’re stronger.

We know Pharmacy

The business of pharmacy is complex. Our understanding of the realities and challenges of retail pharmacy is central to our objective of structuring sustainable 340B Programs and Contract Pharmacy partnerships.

Honest billing with
one flat rate

Transparency and value are the core of our company – That’s why we are committed to ensuring your 340B benefit will exceed our fee for service, so you will have more to invest back into your business and the clinical services that support your community.

“Secure340B helped our pharmacy explain the ever-changing landscape of retail pharmacy (i.e., DIR Fees) to our Covered Entity and helped us to negotiate a more optimal contract. There is no company that knows more about 340B Programs than Secure340B.”
Derek Tegan
5 Minute Pharmacy - Honolulu, HI
“PLEASE call Secure340B and let them help you with your program. Great people and the most helpful vendor I have ever used. Everyone that has worked with them says the same.”
John Hyer
Kings Pharmacy - Murphy, NC

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