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Getting Started with 340B

Is the 340B Program worth it?

When structured correctly, the 340B Program is an incredible way for healthcare providers in communities to come together to better serve their mutual patients, benefit your businesses and keep dollars local. When not set up correctly, it can have negative consequences. It is imperative the contract is set up well from the beginning in order to ensure longevity and sustainability.

How do I get involved in a 340B Program?

Pharmacies may only participate in 340B by contracting with an eligible 340B facility. Visit the 340B database to search for potential opportunities in your area.

Covered Entities looking to add or expand their Contract Pharmacy reach should inquire on our contact page for more information and to begin data discovery. We have extensive knowledge and experience in determining which pharmacies are beneficial and how to structure the arrangement.

Frequently Asked by Pharmacies

Is my 340B program helping or hurting my pharmacy financially?

There is flexibility for 340B Contract Pharmacy arrangements. Looking at the program as a whole, there are a variety of ways contracts can be structured and optimized to be more efficient and beneficial for both Pharmacies and Covered Entities. Data and modeling are the keys to determining where the balance lies. That is precisely why Secure340B is an important tool for objective analysis.

How can we better manage our inventory/purchasing when participating in 340B?

Inventory is a pharmacy’s largest expense and the number one factor in managing cash flow. 340B can negatively impact a pharmacy financially if inventory isn’t managed correctly. It is important to use the tools available to assist and prevent duplicate ordering or excess inventory (swell). It is also important to take an in-depth look at your program to evaluate if there are ways to lessen the inventory burden from 340B.”

How might your 340B Program be affecting wholesaler rebates?

340B Programs move drug purchases from a pharmacy retail wholesaler account to the Covered Entity 340B account. There is no question this has an impact on pharmacy wholesaler rebates. It is important to take an in-depth look at your program to evaluate if there are ways to reduce the impact on wholesaler rebates.

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