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Healthy Communities

At Secure340B, we believe nothing is more valuable than the health of a community. We understand that when independent pharmacies and healthcare providers come together, the community is strengthened. Secure340B aligns with these partnerships to facilitate 340B Program membership, ensuring the program runs smoothly, effectively, as it was intended. We invite you to share your goals for bettering your community with us. Together we’re stronger.


We are experts in 340B

Eric Fromhart


Eric brings passion and enthusiasm to his engagement with 340B stakeholders. Eric has spent his entire career in the 340B industry and loves to see programs thrive and partnerships succeed. He has worked for two 340B administrative companies and managed an independent pharmacy network of over 450 stores. Over the years, he has come to understand the 340B Program inside and out. Realizing that he was often asked the same questions from pharmacy owners and healthcare providers alike, Eric recognized a need for a resource dedicated strictly to 340B optimization. That’s how Secure340B was born!
Amanda Gaddy, R.Ph.


Amanda is a pharmacist with over 23 years of experience. She has a passion for helping pharmacies and health systems come together to form partnerships ultimately improving healthcare outcomes. She knows the importance of 340B and how it can positively impact local communities when structured correctly. While it can be beneficial, the program can be detrimental without complete understanding by all parties.  Having been a leader of the Contract Pharmacy team for one of the 340B administrators, she has extensive knowledge when it comes to 340B.  This allows her to help all program participants evaluate and understand the program and also optimize the partnership.

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